Who Am I?

I’m a twenty some-odd year old girl who grew up in the epitome of the south, New Orleans. I am a full-time student, full-time employee,an aspiring photographer, and now a blog writer. I am a devoted daughter,granddaughter,sister, nanny(aunt), cousin, and friend.I ask to many questions and wonder about small things (usually it’s whats for dinner at the start of the day) I can make adventures out of anything,and try to make sense of this crazy random fun world we live in. I love to learn everything new (but hate sitting in classes). I like to stop and actually take in what I see. I always thought I knew what I wanted to be when I grow up, needless to say none of my dreams of becoming a old southern belle with the big dresses or becoming a princess or being an elderly African American lady who wears hats( I’ve got a thing with hats and the only people in my book who can pull them off the right way is them) to church on Sundays has worked out for me yet. ( and my parents told me I could be anything I wanted. :/) History is something that intrigues me and I could go on and on about the things in my backyard. ( ya’ll should check out your town you’d be surprised to what you might find).

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